[Accessibility] No teleconference today

Bill Haneman Bill.Haneman at Sun.COM
Wed Jun 8 08:06:05 PDT 2005

Hi John/all:

I had an action to send a draft of at-spi enhancements to the list 
today.  I must apologize, because some other matters have come up which 
I had to deal with urgently, and I had forgotten that I had two days' 
holiday scheduled since our last teleconference,  so I am not done yet.

thanks for your understanding


john goldthwaite wrote:

>Janina is traveling today so this is just a reminder
>that we will not have a call today but will resume
>next week at  the usual time.  I'll get the minutes
>out later today;  I'll be trying out the recording so
>they should be new and improved.
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