[Accessibility] Accessibility minutes for June 15, 2005

John Goldthwaite jgoldthwaite at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 22 09:57:40 PDT 2005

June 15, 2005 Accessibility meeting

Gunnar Schmidt
Bill Hanaman		
Janina Sajka
Matthew Wilcox
John Goldthwaite
Larry Weiss	
George Kraft
Cathy Laws
Randy Horwitz
Pete Burnet
Frank Carmickle	
Peter Korn
Doug Beattie
Janina- Recording today, worked well last week.. 
May not have a long meeting today. Gunnar had
some concerns about minutes from last week.
Gunnar- In some places there were gaps which
could be filled in from the recording.  In one
place there was a statement that was attributed
to Olaf but it was my statement.
John- I just started working with the recording
so I’ll finish that this afternoon and re-post
it.  I do have a problem differentiating Gunnar
and Olaf.
Janina- please say your name when you speak so
that the transcriber can identify you.  I didn’t
want to post on the list where the recording
resides.  File name convention explained. They
are ogg files.  They aren’t encrptyed at present.
 Should we do that?  Should I compress it further
and password it?  John will clean up last week’s
minutes and re-post them.  We will approve the
them next week.
Bill- is there a directory containing the files
that is exported that we could see if we forget
the file name?  
Janina- I’m not exporting the directory but I
could do that
Bill- is the directory containing the files
exported.  If it typed in the rest of the uri
would I see the rest of the files?
Janina- no you wouldn’t see them .  They aren’t
exposed but I could do that via ftp easily

Bill- If you put them in a directory that wasn’t
linked, we could use the directory to see all the
files. Rather than having to guess and type in
the exact uri for each file. 
Janina- This is a good segway to brief items.
Bill-   maybe I just mis-understood but I though
we’d have password access, not encryption.  You’d
have to enter a password to the webpage for some
Janina- I could do that. We had talked about not
keeping them around for long than needed to
minute and if there is value beyond that we could
extract a section but they would disappear after
we have approved the minutes.  We had talked
about a level of security by encrypting the files
with the same password as the phone call.  But I
could set up a directory that would show all the
files. I will set up the directory with the same
password as that used for the call. That provides
some security					
Bill- how does that sound to everyone?
John- sounds good.
George- sounds good to me.
Janina- good, I will set that up and work on
getting with Frank on getting a better sound
level between my audio and the other speakers. 

John - Does anyone know of a good media play that
handles ogg and has good control of play back on
a second by second basis for transcription? (On
Windows platform).
Frank? - there is something called foobar2000 for
Windows, that is pretty full featured.
Bill- doesn’t Realplayer do ogg now.
John - I tried it this morning and it didn’t.
Peter- Realplayer will do ogg but you need to
download a plugin.  That’s what I use when I have
to play ogg on Windows.  It doesn’t have the
second by second affordances.
Janina- the audio control is very important for
transcription.  I’m looking for a way to put it
on a foot switch.
Peter- you might be able to do that with a USB
single switch emulating a mouse by warping the
mouse to the start/stop button.
Bill- I believe Gnome sound record lets you do
that. It handles ogg and it has a slider for
seconds. Its not full features but it allows you
to stop.
Janina- when you are doing transcription, the
need is to go back but not too far.  Mplay is too
much because it goes back about 10 seconds by

Janina- we tried to organize a call with FSG but
have not had a date set, Earl is on vacation.
That is still on hold. We’ve asked Jim to see
what FSG’s formal status with JTC1 and ISO is. 
Are we actual members authorized to bring
delagates or was my participation at
Sheffield.and following meetings on an invitation
basis that restricts our ability to vote.  We’d
like to have clarity on that. Greg Vanderheiden
has asked to attend the meeting as a FSG delegate
so that his comments would not be constrained. I
thought that would be okay but on second thought
we need to check on it.  Need to see if we are a
full member or have just been invited to attend
the accessibility member.  George do you recall?

George- not that I recall. 
Janina- me either, I know we can submit our
standards on a fast track process but as to our
status, I’m not sure.  We’d like to have a voice
in their deliberations, that’s something we’d
like to keep open for us.  I’ll follow up with
Jim.  I haven’t decided whether to attend the
meetings in Toronto in July but I suspect I will.

George- all I know is that FSG is a PAS submitter
but I don’t know about status. ( PAS (Public
Accessible Specification) submitter which allows
the FSG to submit completed specifications for
approval without going through an ISO
design/editing committee).  Nick Strouten would
be the best contact, he is the FSG’s ISO
representative.  I’ll send you his contact info.
Doug- the status is in process, it is undergoing
a vote. It is undergoing the comment and voting
periods. Nick Strouten will know.  

Janina- I’ve finished some consulting and will be
working on the conference transcripts for the
rest of June.  Bill you can bring us up to speed
on the a-doc.  We have a great discussion last
week about what we do and don’t say about
ourselves and the standards we product.  I didn’t
think we had any particular specifics for today. 

Bill- my apologies for not getting the draft for
AT-SPI revisions posted.  Unexpected things from
the day job intervened.  I am hopeful I will have
a draft in the next few days.
Janina- Thank’s Bill, we’ve had good discussion
over the last month on A-doc so we look 
forward to it.  Anyone with other topics?  I’m
okay for a shorter meeting today.

Frank- I was thinking about some of the things
week talked about in January, one was Speakup and
some kernel related things.  I know Kirk is up
against some changes.  I wanted to see where we
Matthew- last I heard from Kirk his cvs server
down and waiting on replacement server.  Haven’t
heard from him in a couple of months.  I would
like to get those changes into the kernel.
Frank- if you don’t mind me making the contact, I
talk to him.
Matthew- I’ll drop him a line.

Janina- Pete mentioned need for keeping documents
on the server more up to date.  How- to document
need updating.  The Gnome 2.10 as you found out
is being maintained but the Linux How-to
documents that Sharon did a couple of years ago
probably need updating.  As a maintainer of a
How-to document myself, I’ve been pushed to try
to get it into the LTDP, and haven’t because I
don’t code in SGML.  That small step is something
I just haven’t had time to do. It seems that
since our last meeting that documentation has
emerged as something that needs some work. I’m
suggesting that if there anyone that can step up
and take ownership for that it would be extremely
useful.  Pete I don’t know if you want to say
anymore.  No good deed goes unpunished.  I’ll put
that out there as an available need.  In our road
map we had talked about documentation and the
authorship of wizards to help configure and
script environments to be more useful for
Pete- we will have to discuss that with in the
group to see if we can come up with some
resources to work with that.
Janina- understood, any other items?

George- what are the final deliverables for the
NSF project?
Janina- a final report about what transpired; we
have until the end of the year to get that in.
George- are there any action items beside writing
it up?
Janina- yes there are.  By not getting them
written up, I’m letting them get a stale.  The
bigger action item is our ability to go back to
NSF for a potential future NSF project-   another
conference or an engineering project to produce
some of the accessibility where we could hire
someone to work on some tasks. If not NSF,
someone like NSF.  The fact that we had this
meeting and we had good outcomes from the
meeting.  We need to get the transcript done and
bill for it before we and get further with the
final report.    
George- I’d just like to see a bulleted list what
the outstanding items are.
Janina- and a final financial report.
Janina- any other topics?   Next week I will be
able to make the phone call. Returning from
Rochester that morning but should be on time for
the meeting.  Plan on meeting next week and the
following week. 	  

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