[Accessibility] Draft minutes for 3/16/05 Accessibility meeting

john goldthwaite jgoldthwaite at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 23 07:26:46 PST 2005

Access workgroup – 3/16/2005

Matthew Wilcox
Janina Sajka
John Goldthwaite
Randy Horwitz
George Kraft
Larry Weiss
Doug Beatty
Andreas Gonzales 

What it means to be certified?

Correct Spelling of Gunnar’s first name and Doug’s
last name and re-post.

Action items- 
Janina is going through the audio but it is taking
awhile.  Slow going to clean them up but getting good
quality recordings.  

Doug- did you get my list of things to post instead of
the RSVP list?
Janina-  George will change the language so that it is
clear that this is in the past. Did we get any photos?
 It would be helpful to have some pictures for the NSF
so it’s just not text.  John checked on the due date,
our grant goes until the end of the September.  So we
have time and money to do more follow up activities.  
WE are getting closer to having all the invoices and
still have a good bit of money remaining.  

John will continue to look for a transcriptionist.  We
will need a Glossary for the transcriptionist to
handle our jargon.  One of the student participants
may have a Glossary.

Probably don’t have enough folks for a discussion of
the validation.  Will take that up next week when more
people are attending.

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