[Accessibility] Draft minutes for 03/23/05 Accessibility meeting

Earl Johnson Earl.Johnson at Sun.COM
Wed Mar 23 15:42:48 PST 2005

Hi John;

What does the normative, informative, abstain following most 
folk's name signify or mean?


john goldthwaite wrote:

> Access workgroup – 3/23/2005
> Gunnar Schmidt-      normative
> Bill Haneman	-    abstain
> Willy -		     normative
> Janina Sajka-   -   informative
> John Goldthwaite-   informative
> Pete Burnet-          normative
> George Kraft     normative
> Larry Weiss      normative
> Earl Johnson   
> Andreas Gonzales - informative
> 03/16/05 Minutes approved as posted.
> Would like a recap of CSUN but no attendees on the
> call today.
> Election process review.  
> March 9 Minutes motion- let people know they will have
> a vote in 2 weeks.  If people can’t attend that
> meeting, they can vote by email.  Normative or not
> normative?  
> Janina- are we going to allow people not on the call
> to vote by email?
> George-  it was announced that the vote would be this
> week and they should have voted by email by now.
> Gunnar-  I had difficulty calling in last week,
> thought I missed it.
> Janina- no we said that we would take up the procedure
> today.  You didn’t miss anything last week.  Does
> anyone have a problem voting on the process today? 
> Does everyone understand the difference between
> informative vs. normative?
> Voting results above.  total Normative 5, Informative
> 3
> Janina – the next step is to have a committee, George
> can you and Earl to handle the election.  Can you come
> back next week with a proposed schedule on nominations
> and voting.  Can you provide some guidance to the
> group on whether the term should be 1 year or 2 year?
> George- in the FSG board, they have 2 year terms that
> are staggered.  1 year is too short, the  members are
> just learning things the first year. 
> Janina-
> George-  I don’t know if you want to use that complex
> a process.  Staggered
> John- also could have vice chair take over after a
> year
> George- except you force out a chair that is doing a
> good job.
> Janina- any opposed to a staggered?  No, okay, which
> position will we vote on this year?
> Matthew – could we vote on both, the one who gets the
> most votes is chair for 2 years, the other vice chair
> for 1 year.
> Bill- Chair and vice chair or chair and secretary?
> Janina- it has been Chair and vice chair but John has
> been doing the minutes.
> Bill- I’d propose we make vice chair the one year
> Janina- spent all week editing the meeting recordings.
>  I’m on the wrap up meeting.
> Where we have good audio, it is very good.  I have
> bumped up volume where needed.  Have also snipped out
> sections on logistics, dinner or agenda.  In the
> discussion sections I am leaving things in.  There was
> good substance in our deliberations.  The bad news is
> that we don’t have audio for some sessions, in
> particular for the meetings held in the other breakout
> room.  The session Peter moderated had reasonably good
> audio but you have to listen hard.  Bill did a
> thorough recap on the action items and things that
> need to be looked at.
> Bill- that was the wrap up from day 2?
> Janina- I’m thinking of the breakouts from Thursday.
> Bill- I have audio recordings for some of these
> sessions.  I have 7 large audio files. 
> Janina- ftp those to me and I will work on them. 
> ftp.rednote.net incoming directory. You can log in as
> anonymous for the incoming directory.   There was one
> other class of audio files, on the first day and half
> where we trying to video stream.  We have some large
> files that I can’t find any audio.  This may just be a
> codec that I don’t have.  
> Bill- is that day one only?
> Janina- its day one and day two. I will have to ask
> Stewart if he has this material in other format?
> John- what was used to create them?
> Janina- various tools were used to try to get video
> and audio to stream together.  They are ogg files.
> George- the hyperlinks say they are audio.
> Bill- I just posted them into the irc.
> Pete- when I was listening from home, I could hear the
> audio so it should be there.  I was using windows. 
> Janina- if you can get them in Windows, we should be
> able to get it in Linux.
> Bill- they may be Ceora, they are very big files,
> about 25mb each.
> Janina- beginning with Bill’s session 9, we do have
> audio.   We have good audio
> Bill- do we have intelligible audio from the break out
> on day 3?
> Janina- just from the main room, the other room
> recordings aren’t good.
> We aught to flag them.  George if I can turn to the 
> Bill- I’m able to play the ogg files using Real Player
> 8.  Let me try mission and scope, nope that gives a
> 404 on these other audio links.  I’ll let George know
> which are giving me 404 errors.  I tried session 6 and
> I and hear it.  There doesn’t seem to be any video in
> it.  
> Janina- I have problems with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.  1 has
> zero bytes. 
> George-  I don’t see a session 5 files at all.
> Bill- I don’t see 5 either.   Session 2 is going to be
> a problem its too big, 250mb.
> Janina- lets take this back to the list.  John has
> check on transcription firm and there are many options
> at good rates, here and overseas.  On George’s redone
> page, it’s about right, we have the original posted
> agenda but we modified that during the course of the
> meeting.  We breakouts on day two were moved to day 3.
>  We had Bill’s ATI outcomes session the beginning of
> day 3.  I’ll send you my recollection of what the
> amended schedule was.   It might useful to group the
> agenda sessions around our activities.  Should 
> Earl- this putting urls on the home page?  What would
> be link
> Janina- should we identify them on the face to face
> page?  
> Bill- I think the first is useful, the second as nice
> to have but not important.
> Earl-  I had problems finding the workgroup meetings
> from the first page.
> Bill- I found it by going to the link George sent out
> today, I’ve had problems in the past and the
> workgroups should be more prominent.  
> Earl- we should have it when we have multiple
> meetings.
> Janina- as we get better content, this should be a
> valuable resource for users and as an outcome for our
> NSF grant.  
> Earl-  version number for keyboard spec.  Should spec
> version be 0.5 or the version during the meeting?
> Janina- some of the outcomes included the formation of
> groups.  They are already active on freedefcon.  There
> were several groups that got started that don’t have
> homes.  Do we want to host the kernel and Braille
> groups?  If not where should they go?
> Bill-  I’d like to see the Braille activity in
> freedesktop.org since there is some activity there
> already.
> Janina- Willy, what about kernel boot loader?
> Willy- perhaps we should go off to tiano to set up
> something.  Intel Bios standard?
> Janina- lost the email with contact info for the Intel
> people.
> Bill- I’m worried that the BIOS standard is out of
> scope 
> Janina- don’t know that we’re going to have FSG
> standard in BIOS or bootloader.  There were people
> interested in those.
> Bill-  I could see kernel as an area FSG could move
> into but BIOS I don’t know.  That’s a couple of jumps
> out of scope.
> Janina-  we know there is interest – Willy, you’re
> suggestion hat Tiano host the activity?
> Willy- yes, let’s start it there and not create an
> activity here.
> Janina- is the wider scope appropriate in Tiano?
> Willy- that’s a hard question,  … it costs little to
> start a list and start doing things.  ,.. Do actual
> coding under Tiano.
> Janina- because the discussion are wider?  Anyone have
> objections to this activity: Kernel, BIOS, Loader.
> Willy- seems pretty out of scope for freedesktop.
> Janina- I guess we don’t have a good home for this
> now; we can talk about it next week.  On the agenda
> for next week, we may have the opportunity for another
> small grant for a face to face.  It would me smaller
> so we would need to see what we should try to do.  We
> should get the kernel, Bios, bootloader people
> together.  Some help from the Canadian government-
> $5-10K.  We need to decide what we’d like to do with
> it.  Another topics for next week?
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