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minutes May 5, 2005


Gunnar Schmidt = gs
Olaf Schmidt = os
Bill Haneman = bh
George Kraft = gk
Cathy Laws = cl
Pete Brunet = pb
Janina Sajka = js
Andreas Gonzales = ag
Earl Johnson = EJ
Peter Korn = PK
Mathew Wilcox = MW


The minutes from April 27 were approved as submitted.

Janina asked for a volunteer to minute our meeting.  A discussion ensued
regarding how our group could best handle the task of minuting our meetings.

bh: Perhaps we should take turns to "share the pain." It's not appropriate for
the Chair to also attempt to capture discussions.

js: We could maintain a rotating list of of members for sharing the burden of
minuting more evenly. We also have the ability to record our teleconferences
and provide our minute taker an audio file. If we have a particularly valuable
discussion, we could extract that and archive it on our web site.

gs: Having audio could make it easier to create minutes, since typing is
slower than speaking. Also, it is hard to take notes while speaking, so the
person taking notes can't participate as easily.

bh: How accessible would this audio archive be? Could we dial in somewhere to
listen? Would anyone have concerns about public archives of our teleconference
conversations? Wouldn't that tend to inhibit frank discussion?
ej: Every now and then we come across something that should be off the record.

os: We could protect the audio file with a password.

ej: What about making audio our default record?

gk: I find it easier to read minutes for content. Also, that having text gets
us indexed by the search engines and that's good.

bh: I find it easier to read text than to listen to audio.

os: We should keep the audio file until minutes are accepted.

ej: So, we are decided to share minuting?

CONSENSUS: Share minuting. Produce a password protected audio file which will
be kept until the minutes are accepted. As we have conversations to preserve,
we will also extract those portions for our web site.

Election Report:

gk:	Janina was nominated, and accepted the nomination for Chair. No one
accepted a nomination for Vice Chair.

js:	What is the sense of the group? Do we need to step through the
election process?

ej: Do we need a Vice Chair? What are the duties? How does this work in the

gk: If I took the lsb structure and mapped to this group, js would be chair, and ej and bh would 
gk: would be Steering Committee. Only the Chair and the Steering Committee can represent the WG to the media.

js:	I've always regarded this group as our Steering Committee. We've done
a good job of creating public statements, as in our NSF proposal and our

ej: So we should leave public statements to discuss here, and not have a vice-chair.

gk: in my mind we declare victory, and Janina is our Chair for the next two years.

ej: i like that

gk: Are there any objections to that? Does anyone think we need to step
through the election process?

mw: I'd rather just acclaim.

Keyboard Team Report

ej: still moving forward on test assertions. Expect a specification out for
public comment late June/July. 

ACTION: JS to contact Jim Zemlin for consultation with ej on going public.

JTC1 Accessibility SWG Report

js: I attended the opening day of this groups meeting in Sheffield, U.K. I
will forward minutes when they're made available.

	Initial activity in this group is a gathering of user requirements and
collection of existing standards for accessibility from around the world. Two
committees were formed to conduct this activity. There was also inconclusive
discussion of whether any coordination, or conflict analysis should be
attempted at this time. The committees will next meet at the University of Toronto
late in July.

Adoc Discussion
Discussion on IBM's Adoc proposed activity continued from our last meeting.

We're still undecided the activity is in scope. But, we agreed that
it is important to consider whether, or not, AT-SPI appropriately meets the
requirements we have for robust document access. Therefore, our next meeting
on May 18 will be an AT-SPI subteam meeting, chaired by bh to explore the gap.

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