[Accessibility] ITTATC and 508 contacts

Robinson, Norman B - Washington, DC Norman.B.Robinson at usps.gov
Wed Nov 9 13:34:06 PST 2005

You are missing quite a few people off of the Section 508 Coordinator's
listing. Try http://section508.gov/index.cfm?FuseAction=Content&ID=84
and http://section508.gov/index.cfm?FuseAction=Content&ID=108.


Norman B. Robinson
Section 508 Coordinator 
IT Governance, US Postal Service

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Deborah Bursa is the technical assistance manager
for the ITTATC project and could put a notice
about the RFC on their website.  We should give
her a paragraph for their monthly newsletter.  

Deborah Bursa
Director of Technical Assistance
deborah.bursa at ittatc.org

We should send a note to Doug Wakefield and David
Baquis at the Access Board, they'll be
interested.  baquis at access-board.gov

Here is a list of the 508 coordinator's email
addresses from the section508.gov site.  

rdbrown at census.gov 
james.sutton at osd.mil
gwen.bennett at osd.mil
wayman.braxton at pentagon.af.mil
norwoode at ncr.disa.mil
finche at ncr.disa.mil
mccainb at ncr.disa.mil
mary.c.jackson at us.army.mil
Carolyn.Young at usda.gov
dhynek at doc.gov
don.barrett at ed.gov
alan_vandermallie at ita.doc.gov
fred.difiore at uspto.gov
alton.mcphaul at hq.doe.gov
hayneso at nih.gov
elias.eileen at hhs.gov
508 at dhs.gov   
pauline.campbell at dhs.gov
rose.christmas at dhs.gov
Mollie.Herrick @dhs.gov
Steve.Mcnicoll at dhs.gov
Sandra.Rozenblad at dhs.gov
Paul.Mesterhazy at associates.dhs.gov
Peggy.Rosenbluth at usss.dhs.gov
Gregory.Bluher at dhs.gov
Neil.Bonner at dhs.gov
MacKarthur.James at dhs.gov
AJacobs at comdt.uscg.mil
mary.spalding at dhs.gov
joel_dean at hud.gov
jeffrey_l._salit at hud.gov
clay_r._hutcherson at hud.gov
nancy_trent at os.doi.gov
john_livornese at blm.gov
dan.schneider at usdoj.gov
Johanna.Culver at atf.gov
harvey.press at usdoj.gov
david.l.nelson at usdoj.gov
crutchfield-kay at dol.gov
johanna.morusie at navy.mil
iversencm at state.gov
SchaferPP at state.gov
steven.lott at ost.dot.gov
jonni.burnham at ost.dot.gov
michael.robinson at ost.dot.gov
martha.pogue at fhwa.dot.gov
robert.hayes at fhwa.dot.gov
Mark.Kreaggor at stb.dot.gov
steve.bryant at do.treas.gov
robert.settles at do.treas.gov
mary.wright at do.treas.gov
dave.paolucci at occ.treas.gov
joe.gude at do.treas.gov
Mary.Wright at do.treas.gov
carlotta.grinage at do.treas.gov
pat.sheehan at mail.va.gov
susan.boaz at va.gov
tumarkin.jeff at epa.gov
karen.bridgman at eeoc.gov
deanna.scott at eeoc.gov
linda.sites at oa.eop.gov
ltolkan at oa.eop.gov
rosalind.singleton at fcc.gov

John Goldthwaite
jgoldthwaite at yahoo.com
828 885-5304

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