[Accessibility] Minutes for FSGA call - November 30

Olaf Jan Schmidt ojschmidt at kde.org
Wed Nov 30 13:55:28 PST 2005

Attendence: Janina Sajka, Gunnar Schmidt, Olaf Schmidt, Bill Haneman, Cathine 
Laws, Earl Johnson, George Kraft

- minutes of the last meetings accepted

- no recording today, hopefully next time again

- keyboard access spec announcement (rc1) to be emailed
- some discussion whom to email it to (and how)
- closed lists need a forward by a subscribed member
- alias and bcc for 508 coordinators
- feedback should go to bugzilla or accessibility-rfc at freestandards.org 
(reply-to) (George's action)
- due date: beginning of January

- report on meeting in Boston (Janina reporting what she heard from Peter 
- the meeting went quite well
- the deadline might slip if needed in order for accessibility to be covered
- OpenOffice on Windows with ZoomText works reasonably well
- Microsoft still not interested in supporting ODF
- Microsoft's Office XML patent license might be incompatible with open source 
development models

- Gunnar's screen magifier: unclear how much information can be shared, but 
some cooperation would be helpful

- There will be an ODF panel at CSUN (3rd week of March)

- some extentions made to atk in recent weeks
- documentation has been addressed
- discussion with OOo people about AccessibleDocument started
- discussions on document information in AT-SPI still ongoing (these changes 
might not go into the next gnome version)
- next steps: feedback from OOo and Mozilla on document accessibility in 
- at-spi meeting on december 12 or 13

- first code of the Qt4-ATK bridge available from Trolltech

Olaf Jan Schmidt, KDE Accessibility co-maintainer, open standards 
accessibility networker, Protestant theology student and webmaster of 
http://accessibility.kde.org/ and http://www.amen-online.de/

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