[Accessibility] Re: [Accessibility-atspi] Re:ATK implementation for complex content, particularly HTML (based on last night's meeting discussion)

Aaron M Leventhal aleventh at us.ibm.com
Mon Apr 3 14:49:45 PDT 2006

I have posted the modified new-atk.html from Bill Haneman to mozilla.org. 
Thanks Bill for putting the new doc together.

Current proposal: http://www.mozilla.org/access/unix/new-atk.html
Obsolete proposal: 

I'm still happy with the proposal, but we do need to go over the changes 
to the Q&A section.

For example:
Q. How is the checkable state of a menuitem, treeitem or listitem exposed?
Current answer: A. See ATK_STATE_CHECKED, AtkAction, and 
Obsolete answer:  A. There is a role_check_menu_item or 
role_radio_menu_item. List items could contain checkboxes. Trees could 
contain checkboxes and RELATION_NODE_CHILD_OF. 
New question: How does ATK_STATE_CHECKED and ATK_ROLE_CHECKBOX help me 
with something that is a menuitem? I want to know if its checkable. Are we 
supposed to expose the checkbox as a menuitem?

That's one example of the little polishing issues I want to be sure we 
address eventually.

Also, what do we do about the Adobe proposal that fits in between the 
first 2 proposals? It doesn't necessarily fit into our new happy world 
between Sun & IBM. I'd like to get everyone on the same page.

- Aaron

Aaron Leventhal
IBM web accessibility architect
Voice: 781-583-4083
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