[Accessibility] Re: [Kde-accessibility] IBM TTS SDK now BSD licensed

George Kraft gk4 at austin.ibm.com
Wed Apr 12 08:10:24 PDT 2006

On Tue, 2006-04-11 at 19:24 -0400, Gary Cramblitt wrote:


> Hi, I'm working on an IBM TTS output module for Speech Dispatcher and have a 
> few technical questions.  If this is the wrong forum to ask, perhaps you can 
> redirect me?
> The IBM TTS API Manual is a bit old (2002).  Is there newer documentation 
> available?

That document matches the v6.4 runtime that you are using.

> Is the SDK distributed with the commercial IBM TTS package?  I'm wondering if 
> we need to redistribute the SDK with Speech Dispatcher.

The "runtime" package has a licensed eci.h, but the "sdk" has a BSD
licensed eci.h.  Please use the SDK for the header file if you don't
have the runtime.

> FYI, the following enums weren't defined in eci.h.  There are probably some 
> more:
> typedef enum {
>     eciTextModeDefault = 0,
>     eciTextModeAlphaSpell = 1,
>     eciTextModeAllSpell = 2,
>     eciIRCSpell = 3
> } ECITextMode;

The upstream eci.h header file is unlikely to change; therefore, I
recommend that you put your complimentary enumerations in a new file
called xeci.h.



George (gk4)

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