[Accessibility] AT-SPI IDL to D-Bus XML

Gary Cramblitt garycramblitt at comcast.net
Wed Aug 30 17:49:43 PDT 2006

As part of the special accessibility teleconference today, it was asked if a 
compiler could be implemented to take the at-spi IDL files and output D-Bus 
xml files for the interface objects.   I have modified the compiler I'm 
writing for generating Python D-Bus bindings from the IDL files so that it 
also outputs the D-Bus xml files.  You can view the results here:


in the "xml" directory.  Information on running the compiler is in the README 

There's a problem however.  The signals aren't included in the xml because the 
at-spi IDL files do not specify the events emitted by the objects.

I don't understand how accessible applications emit their events.  Do they 
create an Event object and pass it to the Registry somehow?  Or are there 
different "signals" for each event?


Gary Cramblitt (aka PhantomsDad)

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