[Accessibility] [Kde-accessibility] Orca/KDE Integration

Olaf Jan Schmidt ojschmidt at kde.org
Thu Aug 31 10:35:37 PDT 2006

[ Bill Haneman ]
> >It would be great if you could review the new version and make additions
> > and corrections where appropriate.
> Sure, thanks Olaf!  I'll do that.


I had a look at your questions and tried to clarify the text to address them.

I was unsure about some of them:
* The system bus can only be written to by the Kernel, so it cannot be used 
for the sudo case as suggested by you. But can't this be considered as a 
special case of emote access support?

* I clarified what I meant by having Qt support both atk and D-Bus, but I am 
not sure whether I fully understood your question here.

Is OpenOffice currently accessible with Gok if you start both from a KDE 
desktop? If not, then which special role does the desktop fulfil?


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