[Accessibility] [Accessibility-atspi] [Kde-accessibility] Orca/KDE Integration

Oliver Braun Oliver.Braun at Sun.COM
Thu Aug 31 23:20:44 PDT 2006

Hi *,

Bill Haneman wrote:
> Olaf Jan Schmidt wrote:
>> I was unsure about some of them:
>> * The system bus can only be written to by the Kernel, so it cannot be used 
>> for the sudo case as suggested by you. But can't this be considered as a 
>> special case of emote access support?
>> * I clarified what I meant by having Qt support both atk and D-Bus, but I am 
>> not sure whether I fully understood your question here.
>> Is OpenOffice currently accessible with Gok if you start both from a KDE 
>> desktop? 
> Yes, IF you start gconfd and set the gconf key, or set the GTK_MODULES 
> environment variable.  Both of those are sort of hacks, and the gconf 
> key dependency should be gone in gnome 2.17 (i.e. soon after the current 
> freeze lifts).  The intention is that the desktop's session manager 
> (either gnome-session or KDE's session manager) will launch 
> at-spi-registryd if AT support is desired, and thus GOK will detect this 
> instead of checking gconf.
actually I think there are a few more hacks involved to get this to 
work: OpenOffice.org will not even load its Gtk+ graphics backend when 
detecting a KDE desktop (but use the KDE backend instead). One would 
have to override this by setting SAL_USE_VCLPLUGIN to "gtk", which I 
would expect to have negative impact on the KDE theming support.

The other thing is that OOo currently uses the gconf key (via Gconf 
config backend) to disable a few performance optimizations that clash 
with accessibility support. The most prominent probably is that setting 
the text of menus in OOo is usually delayed until the parent menu gets 
actually opened, which is unacceptable for e.g. Gok. The KDE config 
backend of OOo does not yet support this setting because it was not 
clear what to KDE/Qt setting to map it to, so it might be necessary to 
additionally set OOO_FORCE_DESKTOP environment variable to "gnome".


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