[Accessibility] FSGA Teleconference Agenda, Wednesday 20 December

Olaf Schmidt ojschmidt at kde.org
Wed Dec 20 09:05:20 PST 2006

[ Janina Sajka, Mi., 20. Dez. 2006 04:11 ]
> 	AT-SPI at the LSB Summit
> 	Report and Discussion
> 	Olaf Jan Schmidt

Unfortunately I will not be able to attend today.

Apologies for this - especially to those who did not receive or see the email 
that I sent last week a few minutes after the phone conference.

Since the summary that I posted to this list is very long, it might make sense 
for you to discuss the topic it nevertheless, going through the summary and 
checking whether there are any open questions that I can answer by email 
before we discuss this next year on the phone again.

One question that I still have is when GNOME is planning to release a version 
that supports the upcoming functional keyboard spec. This is important for 
our timeschedule to make this an LSB module.

Another question that you could discuss today is where the AT-SPI information 
on a11y.org has disappeared too - none of the AT-SPI Wiki pages, nor the 
spec, nor the statement of intent can be found. It looks as if the a11y.org 
home page was completely hijacked by i2. ;-)


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