[Accessibility] FSGA meeting notes, 4Jan05 (the birthday of Loius Braille)

Peter Korn Peter.Korn at Sun.COM
Wed Jan 4 13:33:51 PST 2006


Here are my rough notes from our meeting earlier today.



Janina: thinks we have minutes from Dec.  Anyone else recall?
Earl: that was last year
Janina: but not yet approved...  any objections? 
<none noted>
Janina: will ask George to post them (AI for him).  Heard from IBM that 
they're all off in a meeting, so we'll perhaps be a tad on the shorter 
side.  Agenda items are:
 - RFC?
 - Earl's keyboard stuff
 - we divvy up remaining announcements/lists to go out
 - also start the discussion for our plans for the coming year; our next 
Anything to add?

NSF grant: still not in because the troll through the financial records 
identified 1 to 2 folks who should get paid.  Still have some $$ left.  
Secretary for FSG is out, so will wait.  Still owe Jonathan Blandford an 
airline ticket.  Secondary one is for Janina to submit a bill putting 
together the audio archives back in March.  Since we have the funds to 
do it.
Peter: thinks that is fair - suggests that this be recorded in minutes, 
and if approved next week we consider it done and pay Janina for her 
audio archives work.
Olaf: wondering if it makes sense to add FSG to the discussion happening 
on OSDL about a general cooperation among OOo, KDE, GNOME, Freedesktop.  
Wonders if he should push for adding a11y.
Peter/Bill - none of us has seen this
Janina: don't send Olaf's message to the publicly archived list, but to 
individuals (where it isn't archived).
Peter: knows that Leon Shiman attended the meeting and wanted to raise 
the issue.
Peter: thinks it makes sense for Olaf to raise a11y, circulate info to 
key FSGA members to see the document.
Olaf: will tell the OSDL folks about a11y, will ask them to send their 
document to FSGA.  Not a statemently about a11y, but about general 
desktop cooperation.
Olaf: not sure who from the GNOME community was at the summit; if 
circulation among the GNOME folks hasn't happened...  Will discuss with 
Aaron Seigo (who is a KDE EV board member and also attended the FSGA 
mtg. in Hawaii).
Janina: excellent, excellent - we have a plan and AIs, we should respond 
to this.
Janina: FYI w/one more brief item: Janina will present on FSGA in the 
Open Source conf. in Spain in mid-February.  Will try to meet with ONCE 
while there.  Theme is freedom & innovation - wants to explore the 
tension between those two, and to be responsive to those requirements.
Olaf: background info: in case you meet with ONCE folks, had someone 
writing educational software and was looking to get their KDE-based 
educational software more in Spain, and ONCE in response tried to 
pressure legislators to require GNOME only.  Getting them to understand 
that we are all cooperating here, it doesn't really need to be pushing 
one aside for the other.
Janina: needs to talk along those lines, and the importance of 
supporting and using available standards.  One thing we might want to 
say to the technical folks is to inform folks about the "Many Worlds" 
scenario - if you can't build your application with these widgets, at 
least tell us why.
Peter: distinction between development & deployment - the ONCE position 
seems extreme, but at the same time, it makes total sense to wait on 
deployment until such time as KDE 4 is out and works with AT.
Bill: key points: both desktops have roadmaps for the future; 
accessibility depends upon the user need; solutions aren't exclusive - 
they interoperate.  In the real world you don't deploy only KDE and not 
GNOME or vice-versa.  E.g. full screen magnification in mouse tracking 
mode would actually work on the desktop.  Things are interoperable with 
Peter/Janina: references to Mass - want a more engageing model with KDE 
in Spain: that we should be working together to get to the bar that ONCE 
sets, rather than either pushing it in when it isn't ready nor blocking 
it completely because it isn't ready.
Olaf: best is to have ONCE help Olaf push KDE folks to accellerate their 
work.  Thanks to Peter for his offer to co-write a letter to ONCE.
Janina: thinks we are doing well pushing our common goal together.  
Important to get wider FOSS community that we all need to work together 
- not having ghettos of where things work and don't work.  Need to build 
it in everywhere.
Earl: checked Bugzilla for comments coming back from RFC - no comments 
have come in yet.  Forwarded it to all of the various aliases we talked 
about.  Got some feedback from moderator owners saying they will review, 
waiting to go through.
Janina: in terms of rejection ones, can we go through that list?
Earl: will try to send the list to the alias
Janina: just read through 'em
Earl: W3C/WAI; KDE-a11y; <section.508 at gsa.gov> [Earl to follow-up here]; 
(Earl & I can post to the "Trace alias" - <sec508 at trace.wisc.edu> [Earl 
to do this]); lynaccess; mozilla-accessibility [Peter to post it there]; 
gnome-accessibility-list; accessibility at freedesktop.org; ncits_access 
[Peter to look at posting here]; [Jania to post to the V2 alias, also to 
wider W3C aliases]
Peter: we'd also talked about /. 
Janina: submitted it, but not picked up.  George to look into this?  The 
captcha on /. isn't friendly, and the "send e-mail here if you are 
blind" hasn't gotten replied to.
Earl: comment period closes Jan 31st.  George has the announcement on 
the homepage.  Final question: should we do a follow-up with these 
Peter: suggests a week or two prior to the close; no less than 7 days, 
no more than 15 prior.

Janina: not a lot more to report on.  Do we want to start talking about 
2006?  Perhaps at the desktop developers conf. in July in Canada - Linux 
desktop developers, and one week on either side is a kernel developers 
mtg..  Is that appropriate timing?  Appropriate financing same as in Hawaii?
Earl: would like to do this earlier, at CSUN perhaps?  Have the keyboard 
announcement at CSUN?
Peter: thinks having folks who are going to be at CSUN to get together 
there, push a keyboard press release, but not a multi-day meeting
Earl: put out a flyer, etc.  Use NSF funding for this?
Peter: first against it, but now started talking himself into stuffing a 
press-release into every bag on this.  Peter getting the AI to talk with 
CSUN staff about this; also saying something about FSGA.
Janina: want to also get the message out to developers in the July 
Canada meeting.  Initially George's suggestion; could perhaps get 
funding to support us there. 
Peter: thinks it is worth investigating more.
Janina: to send URL of the conf. to the FSGA list.
Janina: main topic this summer is AT-SPI
Bill: thinks a face-to-face would be very nice, but much of July is 
out.  Other thing to consider is where we meet - if we go for NSF 
funding do we need to meet in the U.S.?  [Janina: yes]
Janina: if we met in Canada, maybe go for Canadian funding.  Perhaps 
Jutta?  Janina has the AI to flesh this out more.
Peter: <gave a quick Mass summary/update>
Olaf: found a link to the draft OSDL statement, so he will forward the 
link for FSGA review.

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