[Accessibility] FSGA meeting notes, 4Jan05 (the birthday of Loius Braille)

Olaf Jan Schmidt ojschmidt at kde.org
Thu Jan 5 02:55:40 PST 2006

[ Peter Korn ]
> Olaf: background info: in case you meet with ONCE folks, had someone
> writing educational software and was looking to get their KDE-based
> educational software more in Spain, and ONCE in response tried to
> pressure legislators to require GNOME only.  Getting them to understand
> that we are all cooperating here, it doesn't really need to be pushing
> one aside for the other.

Small correction for this summary: "background info: in case you meet with ONCE folks, we had planned to cooperate with ONCE in the case of a KDE-based Linux distribution for schools in the Canary Islands. The computers will  be used by some students with slight visual impairments (no blind students, no students with severe visual impairments). KDE offers some unique functionality especially for this group of people (that is not found on any other operating system or desktop). Of course there are still some problems left for this user group even in KDE. We asked them to cooperate with us in identifying all of the problems, so that we can fix them, but instead they lobbied the politicians not to use KDE. Probably you are meeting different people who have no knowledge about this, so referring to the specifics would probably only lead to confusion, but it could be helpful if you mention generally that KDE and Gnome are closely working together, it doesn't really need to be pushing one aside for the other."


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