[Accessibility] Accessibility minutes from 11 Jan 2006

Olaf Jan Schmidt ojschmidt at kde.org
Wed Jan 18 10:07:16 PST 2006


Thanks for your very detailed transcript.

I have a few corrections.

[ John Goldthwaite ]
> - OSDL cooperation statement. 
> Olaf- don't know what is happening on the Gnome side.  I had the
> impression that not really taking off in the declaration. I haven't been
> at meeting,, If several projects come together to sign such a statement, it
> would be good to join that statement. Peter- haven't been a party to any
> of the more general Gnome discussions. Bill- may be appropriate for me to
> add my own signature. Gnome is a much looser organization than KDE, there
> is no one person that can speak for it.  Several high profile people but
> nobody in charge.  There have been a few people but there is no hierarchy. 
> If you ask everyone, everyone looks around a waits. Olaf- what is best way
> to proceed.  Gnome list
> Bill- on Gnome webpage, there are few official projects that are active-
> internationalization.  Ask the people that are active, that are active in
> those projects.  I could ask on behalf of the Gnome accessibility project. 
> Could get someone from translation or international. Something like GTK,
> why would they, KDE hasn't shown interest in GTK, doesn't make sense,
> but on something like  Window manager there may be cooperation.
> Olaf- one of the area for cooperation is X?

Olaf - one of the areas of cooperation between Gtk and KDE are freedesktop.org 
specs like icon themes

> Bill- gtk people, see if they agree with that general statement. 
> Cooperation doesn't mean KDE will use gtk and gtk will use qt, it means
> there are areas of common interest. Possible: Gnome translation project,
> Gnome Accesibility, gnome usability are the only active projects. 
> Gstreamer maybe
> Olaf- they aren't pure Gnome projects, could be used by KDE

Olaf- gstreamer doesn't understand itself as a Gnome project, because they 
also want to be used by KDE 4

> Bill- they are not pure Gnome projects so I would think they would be happy
> to sign on. Approach them, perhaps the maintainers for GTK .

Bill- they are a not pure Gnome project so I would think they would be happy
to sign on. Approach them, perhaps the maintainers for GTK .

> Olaf- that is good idea, if we could add some of the Gnome projects, that
> would help. 
> Bill- ask specific people.  One of the strengths of Gnome is that it is not
> hierarchical but it is a problem at times. Olaf- similar at KDE.
> Janina- Okay so Olaf will you be taking this as an action item?
> Olaf- I will talk to ? And explain ...

Olaf- I will talk to Aaron and explain...

> Janina- think about goals for this year and try to put some dates to these
> items.

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