[Accessibility] FSGA Minutes 1/25/06

George Kraft gk4 at austin.ibm.com
Wed Jan 25 12:26:29 PST 2006

Wed Jan 25 13:11:58 CST 2006

Janina Sajka
George Kraft
Bill Haneman
Olaf Schmidt
Cathy Laws
Doug Beattie
Pete Korn

There are a couple of weeks worth of outstanding meeting minutes.

1/4/06 meeting minutes had comments that need to be incorporated.

1/11/06 meeting minutes were approved.

1/18/06 meeting minutes were posted yesterday.  Only one comment
regarding a typo.  These minutes were approved.

The FSG/A has been having email list problems.  The FSG has moved its
servers from the east coast to the west coast.  They have configured
their new servers to use postfix for email.  They still need to setup
anti-spam measures.  George & Doug had to moderate approve some of the
recent emails.  Perhaps there was too much cross posting, or "bcc" was 
used.  We will continute to monitor the new email server setup.

The RFC for the keyboard functional specification ends Tuesday January
31st. Janina would like everyone to cross post again reminding the close
of the RFC.

Bill invites folks to comment on the new ATSPI extensions.  Bill has 
committed and some of the new features.


The larger items of collection are on the todo list.  :-)

George to seed Bill with information to draft the xkb ABI.

Bill believes we have reached a rough working concensus regarding 
Accessible Document for ATSPI/ATK.  Is it right and what are the next

Regarding collection, do we wait or phase it in to the specification?
Bill recommends a phased approach to begin specifying ATSPI/ATK.
Collection can be in the specification but non-normative or it could
be held out until the implementation has been stabalized.  We can
set expectations to the pending additions using roadmaps and

Regarding the implementation, the collection work should be done in the 
atk-bridge before it is moved into the applications.

This week, we should be closing out last year's workshop with the 
National Science.  All the invoices should be done.

There was some discussion regarding KDE's policy regard GPL and LGPL.
IBM TTS SDK is licensed using the CPL which appears to be incompatible.
The TTS needs to be wrappered and have a compatible license.  KDE plans
to move to SpeechDispatcher.

George (gk4)

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