[Accessibility] Python ATK wrapper available

mva at sysfault.org mva at sysfault.org
Mon Jul 24 07:43:57 PDT 2006


I just wanted to drop a short (one-time) note, that I finished my python
ATK wrapper, which allows any python object to provide accessibility
information, no matter, if it is uses a GUI, is console based or whatever

In contrast to py-atk, which ships with py-gtk, this wrapper only relies
on ATK and its dependencies (and pkg-config for getting the flags, etc.)
and incorporates a more object-driven structure.

Unfortunately it currently does not include all parts of ATK, but at least
the most important. It also does not ship with a valuable manual, but
this is planned  for the next release of it as well as more examples
and related information about its internals.

You can get its BSD licensed code from

Thanks to Bill Haneman and Padraig O'Briain for their help on figuring out
how ATK works internally.

Comments and feedback are welcome.


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