[Accessibility] X11 libraries requested for future LSB spec

Olaf Jan Schmidt ojschmidt at kde.org
Mon Jun 19 14:31:23 PDT 2006

[ Alan Coopersmith ]
> Why would applications want to use it?

I unterstood your wording to mean that the X.Org developers object to all 
parts of XKB, not only to libxkbfile. But XKB is important for accessibility.

Desktop environments and some assistive technology applications need full 
access to the XKB functionality. Of course it is best to only standardise 
those interfaces that are needed to provide this functionality to X clients, 
and maybe the configuration files as well.

You mentioned libxkbfile as an example for all of XKB. What are the problems 
with the other parts? Why are they expected to be changed? KDE, GNOME and 
on-screen keyboard applications have a need for a stable XKB API to compile 
and run correctly.


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