[Accessibility] Fwd: X11 libraries requested for future LSB spec

Bill Haneman Bill.Haneman at Sun.COM
Tue Jun 20 10:44:54 PDT 2006

Standardizing on a library like cspi wouldn't work with our current
generation of ATs (notably orca).

I still think it's very much the wrong thing to do.  


On Tue, 2006-06-20 at 18:16, Jonathan Blandford wrote:
> [ delurking a bit ]
> Hi,
> I am actually concerned about standardizing the AT-SPI IDL inside the
> LSB right now.  It is a lot easier to standardize on libraries, where
> backwards compatibility is fairly straightforward (or at least
> understood). AT-SPI is a desktop-wide spec, and keeping compatibility is
> a much larger task.
> It feels to me that this is an immature spec to standardize on,
> especially given how much of the actual implementation details it
> exposes (CORBA, etc).  Given this, a wrapper library like cspi even
> makes more sense as we can potentially change some of the details while
> keeping applications working.
> Thanks,
> -Jonathan

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