[Accessibility] FSGA Teleconference Agenda, Wednesday 28 June

Bill Haneman Bill.Haneman at Sun.COM
Wed Jun 28 09:55:57 PDT 2006

Hi Folks:

I've made a couple of bullet-list notes for tonight's meeting.  Please
advise me as to what I've forgotten or if there are new issues that
urgently need discussion.

I list below outstanding/new issues, and then issues that may have been
resolved (for the time being) last week. 

Outstanding and new issues:

1) Normative IDL: How to validate w/o creating a long-lasting CORBA
requirement for conformance?
	* Our plan of record is to make our at-spi IDL 
	the normative interface
	* LSB requires validation, so we must relate the
	'normative IDL' notion to an actual ABI
	* We want to allow non-CORBA-based implementations to be  
        conformant in the future, but all existing AT-SPI
	clients use CORBA today (albeit indirectly)

2) AtkHyperlink vs GInterface: what to do?
	* plan of record (mozilla.org "new-atk") is
	for objects that text flows around (i.e. children of text
	nodes in the DOM) to implement Hyperlink, and for the
	enclosing text to implement Hypertext.  There's a problem
	with children implementing AtkHyperlink however - 
	AtkHyperlink is not an interface, but an object type!
	* should we create a new interface, AtkHypertextIface,
	and implement that on the children?  It would
	be substantially equivalent to AtkHyperlink, ugh, but
	we could then make AtkHyperlink implement this interface
	(for consistency).  If we need to do this, it must be
	done very very soon.
	* alternatively we can leave things as-is with    
        AtkHyperlink, and just make the text object children
	be those objects obtained via AtkHyperlink::getObject.
	This would unfortunately mean that we could not 
	directly query AtkObjects in the hierarchy for the
	presence of the AtkHyperlink interface, but
	we can determine that from context and expose it
	via AT-SPI anyway.
	* both solutions are a bit messy, both are workable.

	* should this be in Accessible instead?
	* putting it in Collection
	  requires the implementor to implement AtkCollection,
	* downside to putting it in Accessible is that
	  we only have one API 'slot' left before Accessible
	  is 'full' - should we use it for this?

Issues that _might_ be resolved for the moment (tentative decision was
discussed last week):

Ancestor collection:
	* suggested that this belongs in Accessible rather than   
	* proposal to wait and see regarding its importance

	* is normally recursive on request
	* should not recurse indefinitely, for instance
	across document or process boundaries, etc.
	* How can the client identify where the search boundary  
	will end?  Proposal: Don't search into child Collections; 
	such embedded Collections can be retrieved via the 
	Collection interface itself.


On Wed, 2006-06-28 at 02:28, Janina Sajka wrote:
> number which is correctly indicated below.
> Announcing the 28 June 2006 meeting of the FSG Accessibility Workgroup
> Please RSVP so we can know when those attending have called in.  This will
> help us start the meeting without unnecessary delay.
> Day/Time
>  Wednesday, June 28,  18:00 UTC
>    --   20:00 CET  (Berlin)
>    --   19:00 BDT  (London)
>    --   14:00 EDT  (New York)
>    --   13:00 CDT  (Chicago)
>    --   12:00 MDT  (Salt Lake City)
>    --   11:00 PDT  (San Francisco)
>    --   08:00 HST  (Honolulu)
>    --   03:00 JST  (Tokyo -- 2006/06/29)
> Toll Free Number:   877-930-0325 (United States)
> Toll Number:        +1-517-477-5604 (International)
> Please send email if you need a reminder of the pass code for our call.
> IRC: Our a11y channel will be open on irc.freestandards.org during the
> teleconference.
> Agenda:
> 1.	Welcome and Agenda Review
> 2.	Review of minutes
> 3.	Action Item Review
> 4.      Old Business 
> 	*	Open issues discussion
> 5.	New Business
> 6.	Identify key items for the next agenda, July 19?
> 7.	Adjourn
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