[Accessibility] FSGA Teleconference Minutes, 10 May (Draft)

Janina Sajka janina at freestandards.org
Tue May 23 16:35:03 PDT 2006

FSGA Teleconference Minutes (DRAFT)
10 May 2006
By Janina Sajka

Gunnar Schmi Dt, Olaf Schmidt, Janina Sajka, John Goldthwaite, George Kraft, Catherine Laws, Doug Beattie, Peter Korn

Minutes: Not available for our last meeting.

Brief Items:
*	Membership Roster Updating

A significant number of FSGA members have not updated their data via our on
line form, so we're not yet ready to close our effort to update our online

action: gk to obfiscate email addresses 
action: js to email people we're still missing
action: gk to extend membership criteria to 18 months

Old Business
We're still awaiting Bill's analysis to move our Keyboard spec forward.
Bill is back from his sabatical the week of June 5.

SVG Accessibility Meeting Planning

The ODF Accessibility Subcommittee from Oasis has requested FSGA to host a
conversation regarding SVG accessibility. We will use our telecon on May 24
for this conversation. We will invite additional participants from W3C.

NOTE: Subsequently rescheduled to May 31.

Our concern is for how we handle SVG accessibility in ATK
Initially, we see two fundamental use cases:

use Case #1 --   As used today in odf  apps
graphics are fairly simplistic, arrows between boxes, different kinds of boxes. 
Each graphic element can be labled.
fairly straight forward to label
accessible relation, good keyboard nav

use Case #2 Elaborate graphics created through SVG
adobe illustrator type of interface
much more elaborate elements

OS: generally agree, koffice contains vector graphic application, does both
odf grx and professional graphics

PK: It's an open question whether odf will be extended to handle images

JS: as an image gets more complex, where do we stop needing each element labeled?

PK: We will need to engage experts at describing images to better understand
what needs to be marked up.

PK: PDF accessibility markup is now supported, but not being used by authors.
We need to learn how to do better--just having support in the spec isn't

PK:	This will be a major effort that needs to engage wide community of
interest participation before results can be concluded into specs.

JS: Who should we invite to this discussion besides ODF A11y and W3C/WAI?

george kerscher, DAISY Consortium
larry weiss, IBM
john gardner, View Plus
Andreas Gonzales, Adobe

Olaf will contact Gary and Koffice

Other Items:
JG: Working on nsf final report using NSF's web tool. The NSF tool wants to
collect info regarding individual participants, companies, and
publications/outcomes. John will share draft lists via email for group


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