[Accessibility] AT-SPI dependencies

Olaf Schmidt ojschmidt at kde.org
Thu Nov 16 08:45:43 PST 2006

[ Bill Haneman, Do., 16. Nov. 2006 00:24 ]
> Also - it's worth distinguishing between at-spi-registryd (which does use
> one or two GDK functions, which is what's dragging GTK+ in - should be
> fixable without too much violence and in fact I was working on this only
> last week) and the rest of at-spi, for instance libspi which is the most
> interesting library from the dependency point of view. 

For some reason ldd shows exactly the same dependencies for libcspi and 
registryd on Kubuntu - just in different order.

Gtk (including Gdk) is already part of the LSB, so it is not a problem.
I guess most of the strange dependencies are optional build dependencies of 
Gdk and can simply be removed from the list. But we need to check that the 
LSB version Gtk is compatible with at-spi.

> I also seem to recall some stuff getting dragged in only for test
> programs, surely that can be cleaned up.

Test cases are important for the LSB, so we need to have a close look at this 

> I am planning to email Olaf a list of dependencies with comments
> tomorrow - I'll CC the list.


> If anyone has any spare cycles to help clean this up, I would be very
> happy to help, review patches, and do bits of them.  This is important
> work but it keeps getting put on the "back burner" because of other
> priorities.

According to the LSB 3.2 roadmap, all specs and test cases need to be ready by 
April 2007. I strongly doubt we would be able to have AT-SPI and all of its 
dependencies ready by then. Going for LSB 4.0 gives us much more time.

But we might consider to add the accessibility related X extensions (e.g. 
XFixes, XEvIE) to LSB 3.2, at least as a "future direction" module. So it is 
worth looking at the list of X dependencies.


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