[Accessibility] AT-SPI dependencies

Olaf Schmidt ojschmidt at kde.org
Thu Nov 16 09:16:46 PST 2006

[ George Kraft IV, Do., 16. Nov. 2006 18:04 ]
> FYI, things defined by the LSB are not required to be LSB compliant
> themselves.  For example, an AT using an LSB defined libspi would need
> to be LSB conforming; however, the libspi does not need to be.

Sure, but distributions wishing to pass the at-spi conformance test need to 
know which libraries to ship (or to patch away).

And the LSB reference implementation needs to be complete, i.e. every 
dependency that is not in the LSB needs to be copied in the at-spi module.
And every piece of code that becomes part of the reference implementation 
needs to have a maintainer that is cooperative with the LSB and can react in 
case of security holes, etc.


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