[Accessibility] [lsb-discuss] Motif and LSB

Willie Walker William.Walker at Sun.COM
Fri Nov 17 07:19:12 PST 2006

> > http://www-static.cc.gatech.edu/~keith/pubs/xresource-95.pdf
> >
> > Phew.  It's been a while and RAP is old and outdated.  One of the core
> > components of RAP, however, has always been kind of a pet of mine: a
> > programming-language-independent *protocol* versus a
> > programming-language-dependent API.
> >   
> I suppose we have this now, in AT-SPI's existing CORBA ABI; the CORBA 
> interfaces primarily define a protocol.  The APIs on a per-language 
> basis are defined secondarily, by the OMG CORBA binding spec for each 
> language, wrapping a standard, language-independent protocol.

One can definitely view the IDL as a programming language independent
interface description and the IIOP as the somewhat agnostic wire
protocol.  In the larger cross-platform picture, however, I'm not sure I
see the ubiquity of CORBA and/or DBUS.  One of the reasons web services
are kind of appealing to me is that the infrastructure needed to support
them seem to be built in on many platforms from the small to the large
and from the free to the commercial.

> I differ strongly about the utility of web services for accessibility; 
> the granularity of the web service model seems wrong to me, and the 
> performance would IMO be inadequate for our needs.

I agree the performance may be something to question, and I'd definitely
be interested in real numbers that apply to typical accessibility
infrastructure behavior.


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