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10/04/06 FSG Accessibility minutes    .
Janina Sajka
David Zuethen  -  Redhat
John Goldthwaite
George Kraft.
Larry Weiss
Doug Beattie
Peter Korn
Earl Johnson
John will check on outstanding minutes.
Hoping we would have someone who attended the KDE summit that was this week.  Will have some notes on 508 and 255 update meetings.  Gnome meeting this week
Peter- The Access Board has organized a Telecommunications and Electronic Information Technology Advisory Committee (TEITAC) to review and update section 255 of the Telecom Act and Section 508 of the Rehab. Act.  Congress requested that this be done periodically so that the standards stay current with improvements in technology. In creating an advisory committee they decided to do 255 and 508 together since there has been so much convergence in the technologies such as small devices running Linux.   42 people on the committee with a third government, a third industry and a third consumer.  International representatives have been includes so that harmonization of US and world standards can be promoted.  Peter is one of tech type.  Andy Snowweaver for IBM and Laura Ruby from Microsoft are more policy types.  Rep from Adobe is tech.  Time line - final meeting July 2007 (so far).  Notice of proposed rulemaking March 2008 and following a 90 day OMB review and impact assessment,
 the revised regulations will take effect by 9/09.   Meeting was 2 ½ days over 3 days.  Rep’s SUN and IBM are from our group so we are represented.  10 other people have tried to join including Janina but required additions required vote from  a super-majority of the committee and no one was added since there was concern that the group was too large already.  Subcommittees will be open to the public at large so we can participate there as needed.  Subcommittees have no formal power but reviews technical issues and submit recommendations to the committee.  Everything sub-committees do should be public, the structure of that is still being worked out.  Suggested Wiki’s for organization of the work and documentation but there are questions about their accessibility        
Software, General interface, functional 1194.21
web software and content - 1194.22
Document content     - new    
Telecommunications - 255 and 1194.23
Video and multimedia - 1194.24
self enclosed, closed products - 1194.25
Desktop and portable computers - 1194.26
Functional performance criteria - 1194.31
documentation and customer service 1194.41

Should be announcements from Access board on how to join the sub committees.
FSG should participate actively in the sub-committees.   
More details at - http://www.access-board.gov/news/508committee-meeting1.htm

Michael Takamura suggested that they needed more open source participation so Janina is trying to join for FSG.  She will be counting votes to see if is worth trying.

Gnome accessibility this weekend- David, Peter, Janina, Peter Farrenti, George Kraft, and Will Walker will attend.

Earl- who stand up as chair for I/O committee?
Janina- Gunnar has agreed to take over as chair for I/O but would like a record of what has happened. Earl will work on a Wiki with those details.  Okay with spec.  Test Assertions are with Bill Hanaman for updating.  We hope to have it in a few weeks so that it can go to the board this calendar year.  We hope to have AT-SPI finished next year.
Earl- I looked at the HFES 100 spec and there are some differences in formats. Greg Vanderheiden provided suggestions on how to harmonize the formats but there is no difference at the technical level.  Could we point to their spec on the high level and just add test assertions?   We should discuss at the subcommittee level.  
Janina- that may set us back and we need to do the test assertions either way.  Can say in preface that this is necessary but not sufficient.  Other standards, ours aimed at LSB standards. 
Earl- test assertions are pulling out pieces of XKB which is an existing spec.  We’ll put an acknowledgement in the intro to the spec about HFES 100.  It currently in just in the bibliography.
Janina- about several discussions on DBUS, we set up a wiki on where the roadblocks are and we’ll remove them as they are solved.  That seemed to be a useful tool for communication.

George- FSG would like us to move to the wiki based website.  Please take a look at the old website for information that should be moved over and either enter them yourself in the wiki or contact me to do it.

Janina- I need to test the wiki.  I’ll run it through some of the validators to test it.  I’m sure FSG will make changes if needed.

Organizations sending representatives to the TEITAC committee:
    *  Adobe Systems, Inc.
    * America Online (AOL)
    * American Association of People with Disabilities
    * American Council of the Blind
    * American Foundation for the Blind
    * Apple Computer, Inc.
    * Association of Technology Act Programs
    * Assistive Technology Industry Association
    * AT&T
    * Avaya, Inc.
    * Canon USA, Inc.
    * Cingular Wireless
    * Communication Service for the Deaf
    * CTIA - The Wireless Association
    * Dell, Inc.
    * Easter Seals
    * European Commission
    * Hearing Loss Association of America
    * Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission (Australia)
    * IBM
    * Inclusive Technologies
    * Industry Canada
    * Information Technology Association of America
    * Information Technology Industry Council
    * Japanese Standards Association
    * Microsoft Corporation
    * National Association of State Chief Information Officers
    * National Center on Disability and Access to Education
    * National Federation of the Blind
    * National Network of Disability and Business Technical Assistance Centers
    * Panasonic Corporation of North America
    * Paralyzed Veterans of America
    * SRA International, Inc.
    * Sun Microsystems, Inc.
    * Telecommunications Industry Association
    * The Paciello Group, LLP
    * Trace Research and Development Center
    * Usability Professionals’ Association
    * U.S. Department of Homeland Security
    * U.S. Social Security Administration
    * WGBH National Center for Accessible Media
    * World Wide Web Consortium – Web Accessibility Initiative


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