[Accessibility] October 11 FSG Accessibility minutes .

Bill Haneman Bill.Haneman at Sun.COM
Thu Oct 12 09:07:25 PDT 2006


I have a couple of comments about the minutes:
> We also discussed color themes. Many applications need more colors 
> than KDE and Gnome provide. Will be getting suggestions together.
This came up again on the gnome-accessibility mailing list, in the 
context of providing color-blindness support for apps that draw things 
like pie charts, etc. it's certainly an important problem that needs a 
> Olaf- has there been any discussion of the accessibility independent 
> of Bill Hanaman?
> Janina- said there was a meeting in which they got way down into the 
> details. Didn’t do that at the Gnome meeting since many people would 
> have been lost in that discussion. It was mainly an introductory day. 
> We thought we’d have an agenda starting at 8:30 to 5 but the 
> organizers wanted everyone in plenary meetings until 10:30 the morning 
> and after 3 in the afternoon so we had 3 hours less than we expected 
> and things had to be compacted. We had to remove the session on 
> testing and that was moved to Saturday before the access meeting 
> occurred so I missed that.
We got down into a lot of technical detail on Saturday and again on 
Monday. The plenary sessions were also developer sessions, which took 
place before the break-out groups met. The accessibility-related 
breakout groups and the Saturday accessibility group reported back to 
the morning and afternoon plenary sessions several times over the 
weekend. Some pretty important and encouraging things emerged from this, 
so I think this was a very positive set of meetings.

On Tuesday and Wednesday I attended a mozilla accessibility 
summit/hackfest which is still going on. Good progress is being made 
there too, and I understand that the latest versions (beta, perhaps?) of 
Firefox 3 already are substantially accessible via orca, which is a big 
improvement over Firefox 2. For stability reasons I would suggest that 
only early adopters and testers use Firefox 3 at the moment, but the 
accessibility support seems much improved.

> Olaf- the KDE conference was oriented toward developers so it was much 
> more technical.
There may be some confusion about this in the minutes; actually the 
Gnome conference was intended to be entirely a developer conference as 
well. It is true that some Mass folks showed up who were not developers 
but the focus of the discussions was on topics of relevance to 
developers. In some cases these topics were discussed from an end-user 
perspective but the intended policies and plans that came out of the 
discussion were still aimed at developers. Overall, having attended both 
conferences, I would say the Gnome one was at least as developer-centric 
as the KDE one.



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