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One small correction from me ...

Where the draft has:

"In terms of accessibility, no one from the Mass. ITD has any
accessibility experience."

Suggest to add one word -- Linux -- as follows:

"In terms of accessibility, no one from the Mass. ITD has any


Linux accessibility experience.

John Goldthwaite writes:
> 10/11/06 FSG Accessibility minutes    .
> Attending:                 
> Gunner Schmidt
> Olaf Schmidt
> Janina Sajka
> John Goldthwaite
> Gary Cramblett
> Cathy Laws
> Doug Beattie
> John will catch up on the notes from 8/30 and make corrections to 9/16 notes.  One correction to
> last week - AOL was added to the TIETAC.  Last weeks notes approved with this change.
> Janina-Larry Weiss asked us to look at the Freestandards website for accessibility.  It passed the W3C validator with no problems.  Janina found them usable but some problems, a search field is the first field and causes problems - try to avoid have an open field as the first item on the page - this makes it easier to scroll down the page with the screenreader.
> Gunner- You need to put cursor in text field if it there.
> Janina- still using lynx so its
> Doug- do we know Dave Bolter?
> Janina- he’s the primary programmer on the GOK on-screen keyboard
> Doug- Okay, he’s added to the list
> Janina- a number of Novell people were at the Gnome accessibility conference last week.. At least 3 , some from their Cambridge Usability center.  Also people from WebAIM, Redhat, and State of Massachusetts IDT department, There was a wide range of experience in accessibility, some new people, some of the accessibility developers.  Bill did a very cogent job of organizing the talk on the ATK AT/SPI architecture.  A number of people asked for the slides. There werea  number of demo’s archer, gok, etc.   Discussion in the afternoon. Using accessibility as test method for desktop- for interoperability testing not accessibility.    
> Olaf- small KDE meeting in Dublin.  Gunner presented general intro to AT/SPI.  Olaf presented a how to session for programmers. Things that have an impact on access- keyboard layout.  Many questions on how to do things.  For bigger picture - we had meetings with Gary to plan how to complete the implementation of AT-SPI in KDE. Later in the day there were presentations and general talks.  Still need to summarize this for the group but I will leave to Bill Hanaman and Gary.  We also discussed color themes.  Many applications need more colors than KDE and Gnome  provide.  Will be getting suggestions together.    
> Janina- I agree we need both Gary and Bill on the call for the deeper discussion.
> Gary- Harrald is a key player in the discussion so we need Harrald and Bill at a minimum.    
> I’d like to see that continued in a sub-forum.
> Janina- I will email Bill and Harrald and organize that.
> Gary- I think Harrald is busy with their 4.2 release.
> Janina- when is the release date for 4.2?
> Olaf- 4.2 was released last week.
> Janina- Okay so maybe Harrald is more available now.
> Gary- you mentioned that a couple of Massachusetts ITD people at Gnome.  I observed that they tended to look at Free and open source as a product to be purchased.  They didn’t realize the Mass could participate in the development.
> Janina- they mentioned that it was under discussion but I don’t know what the impediment is.  If they are getting applications to free, maybe they would like to contribute some of the financial resources to provide the kind of support they would like.  There is more than programming- support, documentation.  That was discussed at Gnome and I think they understand that better than they did last year.  The more interested they are in adopting the technology, the more they maybe willing to become involved.  They seem to be uncertain whether this an opportunity or trap.  It seems that they are making progress.
> Gary- I know they have to follow acquisition regulations so what seems obvious to us may be a serious problem for them.
> Janina- Massachusetts is still figuring out what their standard should be and how to judge candidate applications.  In terms of accessibility, no one from the Mass. ITD has any accessibility experience.  The access person has some experience with remote access shell but some time ago.  This is Joland Jarr who is very smart and competent.  I don’t think Open Office and Foxfire are ready but by the time they are perhaps Massachusetts will be ready to implement.
> Olaf- has there been any discussion of the accessibility independent of Bill Hanaman?
> Janina- said there was a meeting in which they got way down into the details.  Didn’t do that at the Gnome meeting since many people would have been lost in that discussion.  It was mainly an introductory day.  We thought we’d have an agenda starting at 8:30 to 5 but the organizers wanted everyone in plenary meetings until 10:30 the morning and after 3 in the afternoon so we had 3 hours less than we expected and things had to be compacted.  We had to remove the session on testing and that was moved to Saturday before the access meeting occurred so I missed that.
> Olaf- the KDE conference was oriented toward developers so it was much more technical.  Janina- the new W3C guidance will talk more about contrast when discussing colors.  There will be something that you can objectively measure.  
> Olaf- I looked at that. We wanted to allow the user to change the colors according to their needs in addition to contrast.
> Janina- we’ll yield back the rest of the time today and meet again next week when we should have a more of the group with us.
> Olaf- We asked that a question on software patents be taken to FSG board?  Has this been discussed?
> Janina- I hasn’t yet.  There has been a request to revisit all the issues around intellectual property.  We and other groups have requested that and the board will be working on that which would include software patents.  Didn’t you provide us with a draft last year?
> Olaf- the idea was that companies that participate in FSG would do something similar to that in Open Documents. Companies participating in FSG would give up related patent rights.  The keyboard is relatively simple.
> Janina- your recollection is that we came up with
> Olaf- George said he wanted to discuss it with the FSG board.  
> Janina- we should come up with the guidance we would recommend to the FSG board.  It should be something that will sit well with us.  I will put that on the agenda, perhaps next week.  We need to have more people here to have a useful discussion.
> Olaf- I don’t think the patent is urgent but wanted to discuss it.
> Janina- it is not urgent but the discussion will take a while.  We need that in place before releasing the AT/SPI standard. If we wish to get AT/SPI out in 2007 we need to resolve the intellectual property issues.
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