[Accessibility] Draft minutes [was Re: FSGA Teleconference Agenda, Wednesday 18 October]

Bill Haneman Bill.Haneman at Sun.COM
Wed Oct 18 12:14:59 PDT 2006

These minutes don't capture the interesting discussion towards the end 
of the meeting. Janina, did you capture some of it? If so send to me and 
I'll try to flesh out before re-sending draft.

thanks all



Minutes, FSG A11y Meeting Oct 18 2006:

Roll call:

Gunnar SchmiDt
Olaf Schmidt
Bill Haneman
David Zeuten
Gary Cramblitt
Janina Sajka
George Kraft
Aaron (:20)

Regrets: Doug Beatty

Minutes of previous meetings:

Revised minutes for
Aug 23, (pending approval)
Sept 6 (pending approval)
Aug 30 is still in preparation
Oct 4 approved with comments?
Oct 11 minutes - comments from Bill might be made into a footnote
Bill: notes that in reply to Olaf's question about the interoperability
proposals, that that relevant topics were raised in a number of other
discussions during the 3 day developer conference.

Asked for reply to Aug 23 and Sept 6.
Bill requested until next Wednesday.
Bill: Could we approve these barring comment, i.e. if no objections
are received before next meeting?
Janina: these are second drafts.

Decision was made to wait until next week for final approval.

Brief Items:

Olaf: ubuntu team is planning to have an accessibility track at their 
upcoming conference (November 6).
George: Peter Korn asked to have a day targeting the a11y discussions, 
Nov 6. George and Peter K. plan to attend.

Old Business:

Continued follow-up of KDE and Gnome meetings:
Bill: in Gnome space, plan for GAIL to be rolled into GTK+. i.e. a11y impl
will be integral to widget library. Turn on AT support by default,
at least in developer series.
AT-SPI being increasingly used in general testing and automation.
Plans to develop At-SPI based test tinderbox.
Python's importance increasing; code sharing.
Was also at mozilla a11y summit
Aaron: At the moz a11y summit it was suggested that we have a
general open-source a11y meeting (6 days?) in future,
with different tracks, not only for developers but also
Mozilla ended up funding (~10k) travel for some developers to attend.
Possibly another group (Benentech?) could host such a meeting.
Bill: It was an encouraging set of meetings. Came away feeling that
our communities do support the work.
Aaron: opportunity to bring new people, funders, mentors, together.
Three new projects funded by mozilla found. coming out of this
Janina: Do this in Boston area in future?
Aaron: Not necessarily in Boston.
Bill: Should not supplant the a11y tracks within our broader developer
conferences, since we need to maintain exposure, buy-in, and
integration with our respective larger software communities.
Janina: Perhaps this should happen _before_ the 'main' developer meetings,
say, September?
Do we have attendance lists for the a11y meetings?
Aaron: there are lists on the Wikis...
Bill: public posting of attendance may be sort of sensitive, perhaps
we should limit to those already on Wikis?
Olaf: there are different kinds of participation

Keyboard Spec: Still waiting for edited test assertions (Bill to edit).

*Action Item: Bill to send George SGML diff for keyboard spec.

New Business:

Janina: Follow-up with new FSG web page infrastructure -
our pages will move as a result. Other than the fact that the
first field is a search field, which is not optimal, it seems OK.
Any last objections?

LSB will be holding face-to-face meeting in Berlin in December.
Should be hold an a11y meeting of some sort in conjunction with this?

[Discussion on whether to move forward with AT-SPI ABI spec for LSB].

Need to find out how to ensure that LSB is aware of the desired
form of our "non exclusive" conforming ABI for AT-SPI (i.e. "many worlds").

Action Items:

1) Bill to send George SGML diff for keyboard spec.
2) Bill to state the goal of our LSB ABI spec process for AT-SPI.

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