[Accessibility] Corrected minutes for 13 September 2006 (approved)

Olaf Schmidt ojschmidt at kde.org
Wed Oct 25 11:28:09 PDT 2006

FSGA Teleconference Minutes
13 September 2006

Prepared by Olaf Schmidt

This are draft minutes for today.
* Janina Sajka, Catherine Laws, George Kraft, Bill Haneman, Gunnar Schmidt, 
Bill Laplant, Susann Keohane, Olaf Schmidt
* Susann Keohane joins and introduces herself

* approval to last weeks' minutes postponed
* approval to the minutes 14 days ago postponed

Mediawiki migration: OK for accessibility?
* no problems are immediately apparent

Keyboard spec:
* Janina: last call or approval?
* the test cases need to be updated first.
* bill will do it once he has time
* gunnar will chair the keyboard group once the past discussions have been 
updated on a Wiki page

AT-SPI on D-Bus Wiki page:
* Olaf asked to fill in open points
* Bill already made some changes directly before the call

* Bill: Some dependencies of the AT-SPI implementation are already being 
removed "as we speak"
* Bill and Olaf agree that dependencies should go to extra page
* Bill: There are a lots of different types of dependencies, so it makes sense 
to structure the information a bit
* Bill and Olaf agree that evaluation would also be very helpful (essential, 
small, accidental, mistakes)

* Bill: Solutions for multiple login are needed
* Janina: audio is also a problem here
* Bill: usually you only have one local screen reader for all application in 
the same X session, so audio forwarding not needed
* Olaf: Audio forwarding and TTS forwarding (SpeechDispatcher) are needed for 
some cases, but there are ways to make this work.
* Bill: These are special cases only
* Janina: Latency could be a problem for these cases

* Bill: No independent performance evaluation exists
* Bill: There is no consensus yet that the performance problem is caused by 
the bindings
* Bill: A non-orbit2 orb would be much slower than orbit2
* Bill: if tcp is used for d-bus, then it would make sense use sockets for 
local connection (same optimisation as ORBit2 uses)
* Bill: no optimisation has been made for d-bus yet, so performance tests are 

* Bill: D-Bus did not have any heavy use yet (i.e. it has not been 
* Olaf: KDE4 will use it for everything, which will be an enormous stress test
* Olaf: Many issues that turned up in our discussions were also discussed on 
the KDE lists, e.g. the network case
(d-bus allows remote and sudo connections directly between applications, but 
the desktop bus is per-user for
security reasons)

KDE conference:
* Olaf, Gunnar, Bill and Harald will be attending
* Action item for Olaf: Is a telephone conference with Gary possible?
* Bill: let's come up with a migration path shared by KDE and GNOME
* Bill: let's avoid hand-coding

* Janina: A status report is needed for the LSB
* The keyboard spec will be ready for LSB 3.2
* AT-SPI will hopefully be ready end 2007 or maybe earlier, but we can better 
say it after aKademy

Next meetings:
* September 20th and October 4th
* No meeting on September 27th

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