[Accessibility] can't make tuesday meetings/icon and SVG update

Gregory J. Rosmaita oedipus at hicom.net
Mon Apr 23 10:20:39 PDT 2007

aloha, janina!

i will NOT be able to attend if meetings are moved to tuesday, as 
that is the one day that i have sighted assistance...

i can, however, follow the audio archives, and if the topic is 
crucial or my presence is requested, then i can make the occasional 
meeting on an as-possible basis...

will update the list and you when i have some sample logos to show 
you - as i indicated in my regrets for last week, i have started to 
mock up icons using XHTML and CSS2, so as to ascertain if i am 
working in the right direction, and so that everyone has an 
opportunity to review it, whether they have access to an SVG renderer 
or not...

i am also working informally on the side with doug shepers on 
developing a standard terminology for directionality and granularity 
in SVG for use in maps and schematic diagrams of a subway system or 
bus line...  we're still in the theoretical stages, working towards 
practical use cases, but when there is anything to report to the 
group, i will do so...  this falls into not only SVG accessibility, 
but under the Compound Document Formats (CDF) rubric, as we are 
working on scenarios where an SVG document is embedded in an XHTML or 
XML document,  hence the need for a directional terminology when 
investigating the embedded SVG object (for example, a map of a 
battlefield to which a reader of the compound document will need a 
means of returning to, and navigating through, as an SVG object, 
during the course of reading the surrounding content, and so as to 
obtain a better understanding of the terrain being discussed in the 
text, as well as the disposition of forces at the beginning, turning-
point, and end of a battle or other historical event, such as the 
ancestral range of the grey wolf, as compared to its current range)

we also want to ensure that the descriptive and navigational dialect 
will also assist when thermal graphic tablets are available to allow 
a user to tactilely inspect the SVG object layer by layer, or in 
conjuntion with timing cues, which still allow the user to reverse 
and advance time, so as to gain a more detailed knowledge of the 
object being presented in SVG


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