[Accessibility] ATK/AT-SPI interoperability on Windows and MacOS

Marcus von Appen mva at sysfault.org
Wed Aug 1 23:05:39 PDT 2007


I wonder, if there are any plans to get into touch with the Microsoft
Windows and Mac OS accessibility architects to get to some common
agreement about accessibility interoperability.

For me as a developer it's pretty hard to learn three different a11y
interfaces and develop software, which works with at least the three
major accessibility providers (MSAA, ATK/AT-SPI and the Carbon
accessibility system). It's also pretty time consuming and thus costly
to maintain an accessibly software system, if you have to take care of
three different underlying architectures. Even with toolkits like Gtk+
it is not possible to have accessibility aware systems on all target

Are there any plans to provide interoperability interfaces or even a new
abstract accessibility definition the developers can rely on in the near
or far future?

Are there even some MS or Apple responsibles on this list who'd like to
share their thoughts about that issue?

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