[Accessibility] Re: [Kde-accessibility] D-Bus-based accessibility API

Olaf Schmidt ojschmidt at kde.org
Tue Aug 14 06:38:17 PDT 2007

Hi Willie!

> This is definitely interesting stuff, and I'm looking forward to
> performance studies and real world experience with the new work.

Yes, me too.

Do you have any idea how best to do a real word performance study?

> I found the creation of a brand new API a cause for concern, however,
> and have sent Harald a note on this.

Trolltech told me that the API is extremely close to AT-SPI, and that they 
support everything that is in real world use in assistive technologies such 
as Orca.

Their argument (which I find convincing) is that stuff that has been left out 
of IAccessible2 (and deprecated in AT-SPI) is not in real world use anyway.

> While I'm awaiting a response, do you know if Trolltech is looking to
> provide compatibility with existing AT-SPI-based assistive technologies such
> as Orca? 

Binary compatibility with AT-SPI is impossible because of the use of ORBit2, 
but they said that it would be easy and straightforward to write a 
compatibility library based on IBM's recent Python bindings for 

Is Orca using any functionality that has been left out in IAccessible2 (and 
that isn't in MSAA either)? Then we need to check that it is also in the 
D-Bus API.


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