[Accessibility] Nominations for OpenAccessibility chair and vice chair

Olaf Schmidt ojschmidt at kde.org
Tue Aug 14 10:32:54 PDT 2007


In preparation for the upcoming vote for a new or reelected OpenAccessibility 
workgroup chair, we ask all regular contributors to register themselves at the 
following page:

You are a "regular contributor" if you have participated in 5 phone 
conferences and have written at least 10 emails, or if you have written two 
emails and participated in at least 9 phone conferences, or if you have 
otherwise achieved 20 "contribution points" as defined by the old LSB 

During the voting registration, you can nominate candidates for the position 
of the chair and vice chair. If there is more than one candidate, then all 
people who registered themselves and meet the requirements 

The registration and nomination period will end at August 29, 12:00 UTC.
The nomination process is handled by George Kraft and myself.


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