[Accessibility] Flash 9 Update exposes content to MSAA from Firefox [FWD]

Gregory J. Rosmaita oedipus at hicom.net
Mon Aug 27 09:02:59 PDT 2007

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I hadn't noticed this discussed anywhere else but a quick test with the 
www.jkrowling.com site indicates that the Flash 9 Update now in beta 
exposes Flash content to MSAA (and so to screen readers, etc.) in 
Firefox on Windows. (Rather cryptically, given that MSAA has been used 
from the ActiveX plugin for years, the change list calls this: "Support 
for Microsoft Active Accessibility (MSAA) in the Windows plug-in."). If 
you want to check it out, the beta can be obtained from:


Now we just need to sort out those pesky tabbing issues, and see if we 
can persuade Adobe to implement AT-SPI support. ;)

Benjamin Hawkes-Lewis
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