[Accessibility] Flash 9 Update exposes content to MSAA from Firefox [FWD]

Janina Sajka janina at rednote.net
Mon Aug 27 10:01:08 PDT 2007

Gregory J. Rosmaita writes:
> Now we just need to sort out those pesky tabbing issues, and see if we 
> can persuade Adobe to implement AT-SPI support. ;)

Actually, AT-SPI is implemented in Acrobat Reader for Linux since 7.0, I
believe. I've not had much luck with Reader myself, but then I haven't
tried very hard, nor have I tried recently. Except that it doesn't
expose any structure which might be present in a v. 11.5 pdf, I'm still
using pdftotext.

On a related note, I wonder why Adobe doesn't just open source Reader?
They give it away, why not invite the community into code maintanance?


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