[Accessibility] minutes from Expert Handlers call with Al Gilman/agend for today's call

Gregory J. Rosmaita unagi69 at concentric.net
Mon Dec 3 08:18:50 PST 2007

aloha, all!

apologies for neglecting to announce the availability of hypertext
minutes from the 26 November 2007 Expert Handlers conference call


with Al Gilman, chair of the World Wide Web Consortium's Protocols
and Formats working group (http://www.w3.org/WAI/PF) -- especially in 
light of the fact that my suggested agenda for today's Expert Handlers 
call is to review last week's proceedings and to plan next steps and 
assign follow-up action items...


also, as janina noted on list last week, the audio file of the meeting can 
be accessed using the following, password protected, URI:


The login is: a11y

and the password is the passcode you use to access Open A11y teleconference.

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