[Accessibility] Minutes and Audio: 18 December 2007 Open A11y Call

Gregory J. Rosmaita oedipus at hicom.net
Mon Dec 24 11:34:22 PST 2007


to follow up on janina's post, the minutes for the 18 December 2007 call
are available in an un-finalized form at:


the minutes are not yet finalized, as what is needed and would be greatly 
appreciated is participants' assistance in ensuring the correctness of 
attributions and double-checking what i, as scribe, heard and minuted.  i 
plan on taking a pass through the minutes to compare them with the audio 
archive of the meeting, and would welcome any assistance as far as 
attributions, mis-attributions, errors, clarifications and/or 
corrections...  pointers, as well, to items mentioned in the call are 
also very welcome...

thank you again for all who attended; please excuse the time-lag in 
following up the meeting with minutes -- we usually try to post them 
within a 48 hour window, more often than not on the day the meeting took 
place -- but it is precisely because of the high quality of the 
discussion at the 18 december 2007 meeting and our wish to accurately 
capture it that i have been proceeding carefully and cautiously in 
cleaning up and finalizing the minutes...

thanks, gregory.
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> Audio from our  Open A11y teleconference about dbus and AT-SPI 
> on 18 December is now available at the following URI:
> http://a11y.org/audio/2007dec18.ogg
> The login is 'a11y' and your password is the passcode you
> use to access our teleconference.
> NOTE: I apologize that a technical glitch has prevented us from
> publishing a complete audio recording. Fortunately, only my side 
> of our conversation was lost, however, so that your discussion 
> regarding dbus and the implications of CodeThink's work is quite 
> complete and usable.
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