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Mon Feb 19 07:11:17 PST 2007

Hi, Ian:

Ian Murdock writes:
> On 2/14/07, George Kraft IV <gk4 at austin.ibm.com> wrote:
> > This email is testing accessibility at a11y.org email address.
> Let us know what we need to do on this end to facilitate the name change.
> We're planning to move the mailing lists from the old FSG machines to the
> LF at some point within the next few weeks (David Ames, CC'ed, is doing
> this). I'm assuming @a11y.org is just forwarding to @linux-foundation.org?

Exactly. The forwarding is happening at rednote.net for the moment. We
can move this, and a few other domain zones we've acquired when
appropriate--but there's probably no rush on that.

We are interested in preserving a few short, easily verbalized and
easily remembered URIs, like "http://a11y.org" and
"http://a11y.org/email." These, and a few others, are currently
redirects from Apache on rednote.net, and we'll want to preserve such
with the move. But again, there's no reason to do this first, as what's
in place is working for now.

George is working on an Icon for us, and we will be making some text
changes and perhaps a few additional requests aimed at heightened
visibility for our new identity: "Open A11y," so I appreciate your
email, Ian. At the moment we're feeling rather swallowed by the parent
organization. Of course we understand we're in transition.

I've already had a profitable exchange with David Ames who cleared up a
problem with relayed email last week.


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