[Accessibility] What is Trolltech doing on Accessibility?

Bill Haneman Bill.Haneman at Sun.COM
Wed Jan 17 11:35:49 PST 2007

Knut Yrvin wrote:
> Trolltech has an Accessibility API ready since Qt 3, but used it only
> on Windows and Mac OS X due to the lack of a cross-desktop
> accessibility infrastructure.  Trolltech now got engineers working
> with Accessibility support in Qt version 4.3 for Linux. We are
> bridging the gap with some snapshot code accessible:
>  http://chaos.troll.no/~harald/qdbusaccessible/
> The URL contains now a low-quality flash animation of the D-Bus poke
> utility. If anyone knows a better screen-record utility, please let us 
> know. 
> Trolltech is committed to a maintainable approach. Our plan includes
> interoperations with GNOME. Trolltech is sponsoring gatherings where
> developers resolves bottlenecks to get KDE4 out the door. KDE tells
> Trolltech that Accessibility is high on the agenda. I suggest that KDE
> invites GNOME developer to that work.
> Trolltech does it's work in accordance with the plans and 
> recommendations already decided in the KDE and GNOME projects. GNOME
> developers has told us that their CORBA based architecture is
> deprecated. 
This is actually controversial, even within GNOME. There is at present 
no acceptable alternative.

The existing D-Bus approaches have some serious problems which have not, 
to date, been resolved satisfactorily. The KDE folks working on this do 
need to work closely (more closely, IMO) with the Gnome developer 
community if they hope to migrate the solution to D-Bus.


> Since the GNOME project and several Linux distros are
> going for the D-Bus approach, Trolltech does the same with Qt. Thats a
> responsibility we undertaken to enable cross-desktop interaction, in
> accordance with the goals outlined by LSB.
> Trolltech developers will participate at workshops, organised by
> accessibility communities. We will share code and experiences with
> governmental projects supporting different screen readers etc.
> Best regards
> Knut Yrvin

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