[Accessibility] PROPOSAL: libatk conformance testing

George Kraft IV gk4 at austin.ibm.com
Mon Jan 22 07:13:11 PST 2007

Regarding libatk, the ABI is already specified by the LSB in their
desktop specification, so I would like to propose that we proceed to the
next phase of developing behavior conformance tests.  Our objective will
be to get the Linux distributions using the ATK conformance tests to
earn their LSB desktop certification.



Secondly, I would like to propose we postpone talking about the
standardization of libspi ABI until after we have at least one Linux
distribution certifying to the LSB desktop with the libatk conformance



Lastly, I would like to propose that we no longer talk about AT-SPI
migration to DBus.  I believe this is a development issue for the KDE
and GNOME communities to resolve, and it is not currently a
standardization issue for the FSGA to consider.  Since the two groups
intersect in the FSGA, then they can sidebar in special "desktop
accessibility" meetings but it should not be a mainstream FSGA agenda


George (gk4)

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