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Thu Jul 12 12:37:13 PDT 2007

*	We need to trigger and terminate expert handler based on a content block such as <mathml> & </mathml> within a DOM. This is similar to the traditional mime type & mailcap handler construct, but operates on a block of content within a document, rather than on an entire file object.

*	We're unclear whether AT retains navigation control, or whether nav control is passed to the expert handler. This needs additional consideration/discussion.

*	Wherever nav is handled, we need hierarchical navigation through elements of the expert domain content. For example, top level on an equation might be left side of the and right sides of the equation.

*	Our handler will pass different data to AT based on user needs: text strings for AT to synthesize, braille strings for display, svg for magnification (perhaps with particular moving highlight indications).


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