[Accessibility] libatk Test Revised--RE A11y in LSB 3.2

George Kraft IV gk4 at austin.ibm.com
Wed Mar 28 14:01:32 PDT 2007

> Stew Benedict writes:
> > Yes, I tried to reply to the last iteration on this, but was blocked from 
> > the A11y list and a request to subscribe to it also got queued and never 
> > executed on.

Fixed.  You are on the accessibility list now.   The discussion can go
back to the list.

> > 
> > So the failures I was seeing running the test may be due to using the LSB 
> > tet framework, rather than the opengroup's? I was kind of waiting for 
> > feedback on why I was seeing failures.

There were some Makefile problems and they have been fixed in the new
tar image.

> > 
> > We (the LSB team, probably me) can certainly do some cleanup of the 
> > Makefiles etc. to integrate this into the desktop test. As I recall the 
> > build requirements were on the heavy side. Is everything needed to build 
> > this part of LSB? (We're trying to get the tests to be able to build as 
> > LSB complaint apps.)

I'm not sure if it is a Makefile issue or a difference in the OpenGroup
versus LSB TETware runtimes.

George (gk4)

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