[Accessibility] Minutes 1 May 2007

Olaf Schmidt ojschmidt at kde.org
Tue May 1 12:18:46 PDT 2007


* Gunnar Schmidt, Olaf Schmidt, Janina Sajka, Stew Benedict, David Zeuthen, 
George, Larry Weiss, Pete Brunet, Neil Soiffer, Peter Korn

Past Minutes:

* The last week's minutes have been approved

Keyboard I/O:

* Schedule for keyboard call approved (Tuesday, one hour before OpenA11y call)

Accessibility Expert Handlers:

* Peter: An important question is how to stay platform neutral.
ia2 alrady has a steamable interface (mime-types), but this is not enough (no 
How far did the discussions procede?
* Neil: We are just at the beginning
* Suggestion for the call: Monday noon central time, first time May 7th
* Peter: At that time I could occasionally join in


* Has been a topic in both LSB and OpenA11y
* George: The IBM test results have been reproduced by the LSB
* Stew: I have no problems with testing method itself, but a big problem are 
the dependencies: How to run the tests, since they are very much tied to the 
Gnome tests (whole Gnome desktop needed?)
* George: at least session part and the registry
* Stew: There might be negative distro feedback on these requirements

* Stew: All tests are planned to be LSB applications
* George: I remember the tests themselves do not need to be LSB compliant
* Stew: Historically they were not, but we are changing this

* Stew: There is a How-to document for adding interfaces to the LSB
* Janina: Yes, we passed the link around

* George: The specification for atk is already in the LSB (same version).
IBM wrote new tests as mini-ATs (assistive technologies) to check whether 
correct information is also sent over the wire
* Janina: The aim is to avoid specifying the dependencies (CORBA/D-Bus debate, 
* George: We are not asking to standardise AT-SPI, we are only using it in the 

ACTION ITEM: George and Janina to join in on the next LSB meeting
ACTION ITEM: Stew to send George the list of build dependencies

NFS grants:

* Janina: The draft report is OK, but we might wish to add some things

Discuss and Adopt Mission Statement:

* There was consensus on the latest draft with two changes:
1. "vicissitudes" should be changed to "variabilities"
2. A line break before "for example", to make ensure that the trio "due to 
illness, aging or disability" is not lost because of all the 
* There was consensus to make a "last call" for the new mission statement 
until next week

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