[Accessibility] an accessibility issue of Linux Journal

George Kraft IV gk4 at austin.ibm.com
Tue May 15 11:40:01 PDT 2007

The May issue of the Linux Journal did a really good job focusing on


What do you think about asking Nick Petreley (editor) for an issue
focusing on Linux Accessibility?  Collectively we could write 5-10
articles on the following topics:

Intro/History/Timeline: Peter Korn
Orca: Will Walker, and/or Mike Paterson
LSR: Peter Parente
Accerciser: Eitan, and/or Peter
Gtk/ATK: Bill, Li, Peter, and/or George
GNOME: Peter Korn
Qt: Harald Fernengel
KDE: Olaf Schmidt, Gunnar Schmidt, and/or Harald
ATSPI: Bill, Li, and/or Peter Korn
Firefox: Aaron Leventhal
Standards (W3C, ODF, OpenA11y): Janina Sajka, Peter Korn, and/or George
OpenOffice/ODF: Peter Korn, and/or Rich Schwerdtfeger

What do you guys think about this idea?  When would be a good time?  I'm
thinking 3Q07; however, Nick will be the one to give us a target date.


George (gk4)

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