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Robinson, Norman B - Washington, DC Norman.B.Robinson at usps.gov
Thu May 17 13:22:46 PDT 2007

	I've been thinking about this for some time. I'd be willing to
help, as I've been drafting outlines for this as well.

	If anyone is interested, I'd be glad to writing something, or
help increase awareness. 


	Norman B. Robinson
	Section 508 Coordinator 
	IT Governance, US Postal Service
	phone: 202.268.8246 

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The May issue of the Linux Journal did a really good job focusing on


What do you think about asking Nick Petreley (editor) for an issue
focusing on Linux Accessibility?  Collectively we could write 5-10
articles on the following topics:

Intro/History/Timeline: Peter Korn
Orca: Will Walker, and/or Mike Paterson
LSR: Peter Parente
Accerciser: Eitan, and/or Peter
Gtk/ATK: Bill, Li, Peter, and/or George
GNOME: Peter Korn
Qt: Harald Fernengel
KDE: Olaf Schmidt, Gunnar Schmidt, and/or Harald
ATSPI: Bill, Li, and/or Peter Korn
Firefox: Aaron Leventhal
Standards (W3C, ODF, OpenA11y): Janina Sajka, Peter Korn, and/or George
OpenOffice/ODF: Peter Korn, and/or Rich Schwerdtfeger

What do you guys think about this idea?  When would be a good time?  I'm
thinking 3Q07; however, Nick will be the one to give us a target date.


George (gk4)

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