[Accessibility] icon for OpenA11y.org

Janina Sajka janina at a11y.org
Wed May 23 14:35:06 PDT 2007

Hi, Michael:

Michael Stewart writes:
> will there be a vote on this at the next mtg?
We will certainly discuss it. Generally speaking, we try to work out
differences until we come to some kind of consensus. This has worked
well for us in the past. As a result, we've had very few controversial
votes. In fact I can't remember one.
I'm pleased this topic hs had discussion on the list. I'm sure we'll get
this resolved in a way that promotes our open source/standards and our
accessibility values.

What I think has already been decided by our previous discussions:

1.)	We will protect and expand our A11y namespace identity.
2.)	We will convey that we are about "Open Accessibility."

The particulars of implementation are open to the group process.


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