[Accessibility] Re: [Accessibility-atspi] Re: a11y API/ABI Testing

David Bolter david.bolter at utoronto.ca
Thu Nov 15 07:45:37 PST 2007

Gregory this is great. I see some folks have already contributed.

George, I was thinking we might break out different sections but want 
your expert opinion. I was thinking we could separate by the 'layer' or 
'layers' that are tested. From API/ABI conformance to.... I'm not sure 
how far we go?  (Should dogtail and ldtp tools get mentioned here do you 


Gregory J. Rosmaita wrote:
> aloha, all!
> the wiki page on which to list tests and test suites is:
> www.linux-foundation.org/en/Accessibility/ATK/AT-SPI/Reference/Tests
> note that you must be a registered Linux Foundation user to edit the 
> page -- you can login or create an account using the following URI:
> https://www.linux-foundation.org/en/Special:Userlogin
> apologies for not getting the meeting minutes from the main open a11y 
> call mounted in their entirety yet -- i had a medical appointment close 
> on the heels of the a11y conference call and was not able to do so in a 
> timely manner; i anticipate mounting the minutes later this afternoon -- 
> apologies for any inconvenience this may cause
> gregory.
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>> Hi George,
>> This is a open a11y call followup.
>> Thanks very much for your offer to follow up with details of atk 
>> tests. We thought it best if I cc'ed the atspi list so that 
>> other interested parties can take notes. You mentioned some ATK 
>> tests in the gtk module, some ATK tests donated by IBM to the 
>> LSB, and finally work being done by the Russian Academy of 
>> Science. I understand the LSB testing is at the API/ABI level 
>> and tests argument ranges and return values etc.?
>> I think George is going to set up a wiki page for us to collect 
>> resources so that we can share a vision for all this stuff, but 
>> if you'd like to share details (a brain dump perhaps), please 
>> feel free to reply here.
>> cheers,
>> David
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