[Accessibility] Re: [Accessibility-atspi] Re: a11y API/ABI Testing

George Kraft gk4 at austin.ibm.com
Thu Nov 15 10:53:37 PST 2007

On Thu, 2007-11-15 at 10:45 -0500, David Bolter wrote:
> George, I was thinking we might break out different sections but want 
> your expert opinion. I was thinking we could separate by the 'layer'
> or 'layers' that are tested. From API/ABI conformance to.... I'm not
> sure how far we go?  (Should dogtail and ldtp tools get mentioned here
> do you think?) 

For ATK accessibility testing I would create three categories:
Interfaces, Objects, and Attributes.



In addition to Dogtail and LDTP,  then you should mention Accerciser and



George (gk4)

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