[Accessibility] minutes: 13 November 2007 Open A11y call

Gregory J. Rosmaita oedipus at hicom.net
Fri Nov 16 20:17:36 PST 2007


the minutes from the 13 November 2007 Open Accessibility conference call
are (finally!) available at:


while i encourage everyone on the list to read the minutes, i would 
especially appreciate it if some of the participants in the call check 
the minutes for accuracy, as i haven't been firing on all cylinders this 
week, and could probably use double-, triple-, or even quadruple-checking

as usual, any errors, misattributions or corrections should be logged
by replying-to this post on-list...

a preliminary agenda for the next Open A11y conference call is available


also, the resource requested at the meeting is available for 
collaborative editing at:


note that you must be logged in as a registered wiki user in order to 
edit the resource...

apologies for the delay in getting this material up on the web site,
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